UF membrane water filter

  • Source: Watercode
  • Date:12/05/2018

UF membrane water filter is a process in which hydrostatic pressure is applied to a liquid for penetration through a semipermeable membrane. The semipermeable layer plays the task of separating materials when force is applied through the membrane. It should be noted that the layer is extremely thin. It was considered for desalination earlier but now membrane processes are used for removing microorganisms and bacteria. As new technology is being established with passing time operating costs and capital keep on decreasing.

The UF membrane water filtration uses the hollow fiber technique in which the water flows inside a lumen of fibers or inside a shell. Solids and solutes which have a higher molecular weight are restricted while lower molecular weight particles and water pass through the membrane easily.  This process of separation is usually used in industrial and research for purification of water. The only thing that makes ultrafiltration different from nanofiltration, microfiltration and reverses osmosis is the mass of the molecules that are retained. The process of UF membrane filtration is ideal for the removal of the following substances:

· Colloids

· Proteins

· Bacteria

· Pyrogens

· Proteins

· Macromolecules larger than the size of the membrane's pore

Advantages of low-pressure UF membrane filtration

· Chemicals are not required.

· It does size exclusion filtration rather than media depth filtration.

· Excellent quality of water in terms of microbial and particle removal.

· Plant and process compactness.

· Simple automation.

uf membrane filter

MBR package treatment plant

MBR package treatment plant is factory built which ultimately save costs for water efficacies. You can either get a new one or upgrade your existing facility. They can be built within weeks much faster as compared to the ones built on site. They are tested and shipped to the water site where they are conveniently put into commission. The MBR package treatment plants can be customized while availing the benefits of technology.

Advantages of Package treatment plants:

· They are compact and can easily be integrated into facilities that already exist.

· They have an engineering package and are delivered quickly.

· They clean comprehensively for excellent performance.

· They are simple to work and entail very less supervision of the operator.

Water Code is a company that specializes in wastewater treatment plant technology. The company has numerous certifications and is completely based on research and innovation. Water code specializes in ultrafiltration for almost 15 years now. We provide installation, design, and commissioning of all sorts of wastewater treatment plant and package sewage treatment plant. We have provided products in almost 40 countries of the world. The following applications are included:

· Municipal sewage

· Domestic sewage

· landfill leachate

· Numerous industrial wastewater for food, pharmaceutical, laundry, chemical industries, oil field, slaughter, paper, etc.

We have availed CE certification and they follow the standard of ISO9001/ISO14001 that enables us to provide quality services to our customers. Once you decide to get your work done by Water Code you won’t regret it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we won’t let you done. 

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