Ultrafiltration - The Correct Way to Purify Water

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  • Date:01/10/2019
If you are looking for ultrafiltration membrane suppliers, Water Code is the right company to contact. Whether you are searching for ultrafiltration or microfiltration membrane system, we at Water Code can provide you with our expertise. An ultrafiltration membrane system can help with the following: 
safe food and/or beverages
boiler feed water for industrial process
treat contaminated waste to acceptable effluent standards
The ultrafiltration membrane system can provide solutions for purification and separation hurdles and industrial pretreatment.
ultrafiltration membrane

What is the purpose of Ultrafiltration? 

Ultrafiltration is usually used by industries. Industries that use large quantities of water or release toxic waste are the ones which try to benefit from ultrafiltration for reusing water. These include the following industries:
plastics & resins
paper & pulp 
food & beverage industries such as soft drinks & canned foods 
power & wastewater treatment plants etc. 
Ultrafiltration is used for adding value to products. In most cases, UF (Ultrafiltration) is used for pre-filtration that is done for reverse osmosis plants for protection of the process of reverse osmosis. It is an effective way of decreasing the silt density of water and eliminating particles that can damage the membranes of reverse osmosis.  

Applications of ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration is used for removing macromolecules and particulates from water for producing water that is potable. It is used for substituting prevailing secondary (flocculation, coagulation, sedimentation) and tertiary filtration (chlorination and sand filtration) systems which are employed in water treatment plants or as unconnected systems in remote regions which has an increasing number of populations. When treatment is being done on water that contains high suspended solids, ultrafiltration is frequently combined into the process, using firstly primary (filtration and flotation, screening) and some treatments that are secondary like pre-treatment phases. Ultrafiltration is preferred for the following reasons:
1. Chemicals are not required other than cleaning.
2. The product quality is constant irrespective of feed quality.
3. The size is very compact.
4. It can surpass regulation of quality of water where 100% pathogens are removed. 

UF membrane water filter

UF membrane water filter is a process in which hydrostatic pressure is applied to a liquid for penetration through a semipermeable membrane. The semipermeable layer plays the task of separating materials when force is applied through the membrane. It should be noted that the layer is extremely thin. It was considered for desalination earlier but now membrane processes are used for removing microorganisms and bacteria. As new technology is being established with passing time operating costs and capital keep on decreasing. The UF membrane water filtration uses the hollow fiber technique in which the water flows inside a lumen of fibers or inside a shell. Solids and solutes which have a higher molecular weight are restricted while lower molecular weight particles and water pass through the membrane easily.  This process of separation is usually used in industrial and research for purification of water. The only thing that makes ultrafiltration different from nanofiltration, microfiltration and reverses osmosis is the mass of the molecules that are retained.

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