Rural Water Quality Declining

  • Source: Water Code
  • Date:04/28/2016

As China's economy continues to develop, more and more industries move into the mainland, moved to the rural township areas, the rural development throughout the system is not quite comprehensive economic management, guidance and supervision of environmental protection awareness is not enough, resulting in wanton disregard factory discharged industrial waste water, coupled with their own rural domestic sewage and industrial water pollution is the same air with sticks, rural water crisis is already threatening the normal life of rural residents. Cancer villages have appeared in many places of the phenomenon, we understand that the vast majority of cancers are related to the village with drinking water.

In fact, with the growing water pollution, groundwater in many areas has been affected, you may remember when the home of the well water clear, sweet, young children can happily swim swimming in the river, but now the basic on the absence of such an environment. Whether drinking water or drinking water for residents of the residents, if you do not use a water filter, more or less affect the body's health.

Well water was originally rainwater infiltration into the ground, through the soil, natural sand filtration, and finally to your wells. If there is industrial pollution, contamination or live nearby, so that the well water is very substandard. In the countryside, not to mention water, tap water in many areas and not through the purification process water plant directly into the home, the residents, the pipeline of secondary pollution is more serious. 

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