Why PVDF membrane filter is considered good for a wastewater treatment plant

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  • Date:04/08/2019
PVDF membrane filter has gained much fame in the past few years. This PVDF membrane filter is considered ideal for wastewater treatment plant due to their benefits for protein sequencing and amino acid analysis. PVDF stands for Polyvinylidene difluoride and this product is more popular among the wastewater treatment plant. The best part of PVDF membranes is that they are hydrophobic and should be pre-wetted with ethanol and methanol before submerging in the transfer buffer. These membranes have the ability to bind nucleic acids and proteins and are great for applications like western, northern, southern, and dot blots. This sort of binding takes place via hydrophobic and dipole interactions. A PVDF membrane filter provides a better withholding of absorbed proteins. It would not be wrong to say that PVDF membranes are less brittle as compared to nitrocellulose.
pvdf membrane filter process
Keeping in view the fame of PVDF membrane filter, several MBR membrane manufacturers have started manufacturing these filters for wastewater treatment project. One of the leading MBR membrane manufacturers is Water Code Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. This company has more than 15 years of experience in the same field. It has expertise in a membrane bioreactor and uses the up-to-date wastewater treatment plant technology. This technology uses two processes i.e. membrane separation and activated sludge. This type of technology is not just advanced but also efficient which fulfills the requirements of a sewage treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant. 
It can be said that membrane bioreactor is perfect for wastewater treatment and no doubt, Water Code is one of the highly professional MBR membrane manufacturers. Our company works as per the needs of our clients so that we can provide 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to providing the latest products, we also offer installation and commissioning of each kind of package wastewater treatment plant. 

Features of PVDF membrane filter

Let's have a brief look into the features of the PVDF membrane filter.
It helps remove organic materials because of its enhanced amount of activated sludge. 
Microbes and pathogens are eliminated in a really efficient manner.
It helps eliminate ammonia and nitrogen at a faster pace.
In comparison to the conventional ways of a wastewater treatment plant, a PVDF membrane filter allows 50% footprint saving. 
It is an energy-efficient and budget-friendly product for the wastewater treatment project.
This filter is much easy to clean, unlike other traditional filters.
It has a low maintenance cost.
Assembly and maintenance of modules are conveniently carried out because of its membrane flexibility.
Suspended turbidity is almost zero. In this way, it is possible to use this filter again and again.
So if you are in search of specialized package wastewater treatment plant suppliers, then Water Code is the right choice for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any query about our PVDF membrane filter. Make us a call on +86-151-18728113 | +86-20-3607 6203 to book your order at any time.

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