As a package wastewater treatment plant supplier, Hydro Blue wholesales filtration membrane, ultrafiltration, MBR, gravity water purifier. We service for biological sewage treatment plant with ultrafiltration membrane system, mbr sewage treatment,etc. Our Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems and ultrafiltration membrane systems offer several operational and economic advantages for biological treatment plant compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants. By incorporating MBR sewage treatment technology, it allows for increased performance with a smaller footprint.

The complete working of apackage sewage treatment plant

A package sewage treatment plant is used in highway rest stops, trailer parks, and rural areas where the serving population ranges between 10 to 100 individuals or so. The commonly used system that unites settlement and secondary treatment is named as cyclic activated sludge. Usually, the raw incoming sewage is mixed with activated sludge and then aerated. After that, sludge passes through and re-aerated. This system has a disadvantage that it needs an accurate control of aeration, timing, and mixing. Theaccuracy is acquired with computer controls that are connected to sensors. This fragile, complex system is not suitable for places where controls are unreliable or poorly maintained or power supply is irregular. These days, SBR plants are typically installed in several countries around the world.

The up-to-date package sewage treatment plant uses separate basinsfor settling and aeration. Plus, these plants are bigger than SBR plants and have reduced timing sensitivity. In most of the cases, a pre-treatment device is used before the packaged wastewater treatment to remove untreatable matter and stop its entrance in the waste flow(rags, plastics, rocks, etc.). Trash traps, comminutors, and bar screens are three of the frequently used pre-treatment devices. Flow equalization might also be needed in plants due to the widely variable hydraulic loadings. For holding and pumping flows at a consistentspeed to the plant, a flow equalization tank is the best.

Aeration chamber is regarded as the crucial element of a secondary treatment plant in which 90% treatment takes place. Waste in residential wastewater is usually organic. It means the aerobic microorganisms will use organic material as a foodsource when oxygen is present. In nature, if the wastewater is left untreated and discharged into the stream, then bacteria within the stream will decompose the sewage. Plus, bacteria will also reduce the levels of dissolved oxygen to a point that can destroy all aquatic life. Like nature, an extended package sewage treatment plant provides 20% oxygen (air) via blowers and grows bacteria to survive on your dwelling or business sewage. These bacteria decompose the incoming sewage to generate a suspended sludge. The liquid in the aeration chamber normally has a cream coffee color, but it may differ from plant to plant depending on the waste type.

A settling chamber is positioned next to the aeration chamber for allowing microorganisms to settle by gravity and form sludge at the base of a clarifier. Once the microorganisms are settled at the bottom, they are pushed back towards the top of the aeration chamber. Then the microorganisms start nourishing on the incoming organics in wastewater. The end material is called return activated sludge. After that, the sludge is disinfected with chlorine to remove chlorine via dechlorination unit. Some wastewater treatment plant suppliers are now replacing dechlorination/chlorination units with UV forms of disinfection. The final discharge is released to a stream with adequate dilution so that it may not possess any harm to the surroundings.

For all sorts of package sewage treatment plants and packaged wastewater treatments, we recommend Hydro Blue Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. Package plants are most commonly used in rural areas, highway rest stops and trailer parks where the population range isn’t as elevated. These systems are able to serve ranges from 10 to 100 people approximately.

Wastewater treatment plant suppliers promote this type of method as well as the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, both being successful ways of cleaning water.

There are various types of package plants. The most popular ones are extended aeration plants, sequencing batch reactors, oxidation ditches, contact stabilization plants, rotating biological contactors, and physical and chemical processes. Still, only the first 3 are considered biological aeration processes.

This might be a complicated process to understand if someone has never heard of it before. So read ahead to read about the steps of this helpful water cleaning method.

1.Preliminary Treatment
The sewage water is collected and filtrated to remove all large objects like cans and plastic packets. The trash is carried away to the sewage stream.

2.Secondary Treatment
There are various steps that the water has to go through in this part of the treatment. Some of the things that happen are that the water that was filtrated in the first treatment goes to the aeration zone. Here the air is diffused, the goal is for the growth of bacteria cultures in and around the floating plastic media that were added in the aeration zone.

Finally, after the water was treated the plant takes control over the sedimentation. The organic waste that was settled at the bottom of the goes through the same process again to ensure that the quality of effluent water is able to pass the stipulated sewage parameters.

3.Tertiary Treatment System
Finally, the water that finished with the second part of the process, passes through the Pressure Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. This refers to the removal of suspended solids, as well as the color and odor of the water. Then the treated water is disinfected using sodium hypochlorite. After this, the water is able to be reused safely.

So now that there is an understanding of how the process of the package sewage treatment plant works. It is time to understand what are some of the advantages. We are going to be listing some of the most impressive below:

–As the named suggest this are pre-assembled and packaged systems, which refers to them already factory tested. This also means that there would be less requirements for the installation process and construction costs.
–It has a very compact design which makes it easy to be integrated into existing facilities.
–Because of its complete engineering package, it has a very quick delivery.
–Has complete cleaning capabilities that allow for constant peak systems performance.
–Has a very easy way to operate and to maintain.
–It requires very minimal supervision during operation.

These are pretty impressive benefits obviating the fact that this method is designated to be used for small communities.

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