Nongfushangquan Ridden Quality of the Door

  • Source: Water Code
  • Date:04/28/2016

Since melamine, waste oil event have been exposed, pure water industry has recently also attracted controversy. Since the awareness of environmental pollution fears and lack of confidence in the food industry, has recently intensified Nongfushangquan quality of the door.

In the past month, the farmer Springs described as crises, first leaked water containing an unknown substance black and brown suspension, and later suffered "water sources junk Besieged City", a ripple, suddenly on Nongfushangquan inferior product standards water standards for a wide range of hot topics. After the incident, Nongfushangquan issued a statement denying "the implementation of product standards Nongfushangquan not as good as tap water standards," and disclosed in the official microblogging to release negative information media accountability and discussion to say. And openly identify other companies Huarun Yi Bao, it was behind, should its recent series of negative news directors.

In this regard, China National Health Association on the 14th also clearly issued a document on Nongfushangquan never admit tough harsh criticism, and reconfirmed, product standards Nongfushangquan performed better than tap water standards to be amended to improve, but the association also noted that the local government shield suspected fraud.

Online network launched a survey on this topic. Deadline, a total of 8409 users participated in the survey, statistics show that 69% of users believe Nongfushangquan lower than standard water standard; only 8.3% of users stand on the side of the farmer spring, not fall below the standard that the farmer spring water standards; the rest 22.7% of users said tell.

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