Membrane Bioreactor and Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter

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  • Date:01/07/2019
Membrane bioreactor china is a new technology which is used for the wastewater treatment or reuse. It has received a lot of industrial and scientific considerations because of the following reasons:
improved effluent quality
strong anti-shock loading capacity
less residual sludge
bioreactor membrane
The membrane bioreactor is a mixture of membrane processes such as ultrafiltration or microfiltration with the process of biological wastewater treatment and the process of activated sludge. It is now mostly used in the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. When membrane bioreactor is used with domestic wastewater it can produce an overflow of water that is of high quality enough in quantity to be liquidated to surface, coastal or brackish waterways or even for reclaiming urban irrigation. Some advantages of MBR are: 
small footprint
easy retrofit 
upgrade of old wastewater treatment plants
The membrane bioreactor process can be operated at higher MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids) concentrations as compared to the systems of conventional settlement separation, therefore, decreasing the reactor volume to attain similar loading rate.

Configurations of MBR

The MBR has two configurations:

1.Submerged/internal: In this, the membranes are absorbed in and essential for the biological reactor.
2.Sidestream/external: In this, the membranes are a distinct unit process which requires an intermediate pumping stage.
Due to the recent cost reduction and technical innovations, MBR has become a process that is a well-established option for treating wastewater. This is the reason why MBR has become a popular option for reusing and treating municipal and industrial wastewaters as shown by the constant rising capacity and numbers. For reducing the footprints of activated sludge sewage treatment system membrane bioreactors are used. They remove a few of the liquid from the mixed liquor. This leaves behind a concentrated waste product that is treated afterward by the activated sludge process.

Hollow fiber membrane filter

Hollow fiber membrane filter uses thousands of porous, long filaments that range from 1-3.5mm width which are preserved in a PVC shell. Each filament is flexible and very narrow in terms of diameter.  These can be used in various types of filtrations such as reverse osmosis and microfiltration. 


They feature a high packing density due to the small strand diameter. 
Due to flexible strands, some filter configurations can happen which cannot happen in other filtration configurations.
They can be backflushed and air scoured.
It can process feed streams with TSS (high total suspended solids). 


Problems of fiber breakage and irreversible fouling occur.
As the fibers are flexible they can break under strain.
They have moderate capital costs but their operating costs are very high. 
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