MBR membrane & MBR package treatment plant

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  • Date:12/18/2018
MBR stands for Membrane Bioreactor which is the latest wastewater treatment plant technology. It is a combination of the process of activated sludge and membrane separation technology. It is an efficient yet modern system of water treatment which meets the demands of municipal and industrial sewage treatment. Basically, MBR technology is for wastewater treatment. Water Code is a professional MBR membrane manufacturer. We work according to the requests of our customers because we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to victory. 
mbr bioreactor membrane

MBR System Process

For eliminating the pollution from the membrane, renewing the membrane flux, after consecutively working for some time, backwash is required or off-line and on-line cleaning.  

Features for membrane bioreactors

Here are a few features of membrane bioreactors:
1. The removal of organic material is improved due to the high quantity of activated sludge.
2. Nitrogen and ammonia are removed at a high and effective rate.
3. Pathogens and Microbes are removed in an extremely efficient way. 
4. Suspended turbidity and solids are almost near to zero thus they can be used again directly.
5. As the rate of sludge production is low, it reduces the price of sludge processing.
6. As compared to the traditional way of wastewater treatment plant there is fifty percent footprint saving.
7. Maintenance and assembly of the modules are done conveniently due to the flexibility of the membrane cassette.
8. It is low cost, simple to clean and uses less energy. 

MBR technology for sewage treatment

Water Code also specializes in MBR technology for sewage treatment. MBR technology for sewage treatment is not considered to be premium usage purpose. It can be more costly than other resolutions, for example, MBRs are used for wastewater and water uses where excellent quality water s compulsory or where a restriction is there in the area. The sewage treatment plant has been applied in more than 200 nations across the world.
A sewage treatment plant usually includes a primary treatment in which solid materials are removed and a secondary treatment where suspended and dissolved organic materials are digested along with nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen. It might also include disinfection for killing pathogenic bacteria. The sludge that is produced in the sewage treatment plant goes through a sludge treatment. Now the term “wastewater treatment plant” is often used instead of “sewage treatment plant”. 

What is an MBR package treatment plant?

MBR package treatment plant is a factory built project that helps save costs for water efficiency. It provides you the opportunity for upgrading an existing facility even and can be built within weeks. The one that is built on site usually takes a lot of time but MBR package treatment plant doesn’t take that much time. They are tested and shipped to the water site where they are conveniently put into commission. The MBR package treatment plants can be customized while availing the benefits of technology. 
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