Hollow Fiber Membrane

  • Source: Watercode
  • Date:12/10/2018
The Hollow Fiber Membrane is a category of membranes that are artificial and contain a semi-permeable barrier. It was developed for the purpose of reverse osmosis. The hollow fiber membrane has become dominant in desalination, medicine, tissue engineering, water treatment, and cell culture. They are packed in cartridges which are then used for gaseous and liquid separations. They are a cost-effective way of filtering big volumes of water. Due to its ability to be manufactured in various diameters, this technology of hollow fiber provides wide versatility in treating different streams from filtering clean groundwater to filtering extremely polluted wastewater. As they have an inside-out configuration the membrane can be tested for reliability and are desired as a separation technique for water filtration.
hollow fiber membrane

Properties of Hollow Fiber Membranes

The main properties of hollow fiber membranes are the typical pore distribution and pore diameter which can be measured through a technique called porosimetry. Porosimetry is a feature of laboratory instruments which is used for the measurement of pore size. The technique of evapoporometry is also used for measuring the pore diameter. 

Benefits of using Hollow Fiber Membrane 

It is high performance and cost-effective.
The low fouling system undergoes less degradation of performance in between the periods of maintenance over the period of months. 
It is a flexible system that isn’t relying on electricity. It can easily be converted to animal and solar power. 
It requires little maintenance.
It is a blend of technologies. Carbon filter, ion exchange, and HF eliminate all the pollutants in order to provide fresh water.
It is convenient to install, maintain and transport. 

What is the Membrane filter technique?

The membrane filter technique is a process in which a sample of liquid is passed through a membrane with the help of a vacuum system and a filter funnel. This allows the concentration of organisms from the liquid sample on the surface of the membrane. The membrane is then placed on the special plate. The way nutrients pass through the membrane during incubation results in the organism’s growth thus forming colonies on the surface of the membrane. It is a viable technique for testing fluids as it does not require much preparation as compared to the traditional methods. This unique technology also allows enumeration and isolation of microorganisms. These membrane filters are used in industries and laboratories extensively for sterilizing liquids. 

Final Thoughts

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