How Membrane Bioreactor is Important For Wastewater Treatment Plant

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  • Date:03/25/2019
Membrane bioreactor is a commonly used wastewater treatment plant methods. MBR process is renowned for its wastewater treatment. Here in this MBR process, a perm-selective membrane (ultrafiltration or microfiltration) is incorporated with the biological process. Membrane bioreactor varies from the polishing processes where a membrane is used as a distinct tertiary treatment step without any return of active biomass to a biological process.
Almost every MBR process uses a membrane which acts as a filter, rejects solid materials that are built by biological process, thus giving rise to a disinfected and clarified product effluent. Membrane bioreactor is the latest edition of CAS (Conventional Activated Sludge) system. CAS process utilizes a settlement tank or secondary clarifier for liquid/solid separation whereas an MBR process utilizes a membrane for liquid/solid separation. In this way, a membrane bioreactor provides several benefits related to the wastewater treatment plant and sewage treatment plant.
membrane bioreactor technology
MBR process is more famous for the wastewater treatment project. It uses a membrane filtration device in place of a sand filter and secondary sedimentation tank in a conventional biochemical treatment process. This latest technology permits the wastewater to flood over the membrane. After that, a membrane will keep the macromolecule contaminants and sludge into the reactor. Accordingly, the concentration of microorganism as well as their oxygenation efficiency to organic matter is enhanced. Membrane reactor helps in producing good quality water with little sludge. 
MBR process is the most-promising biological wastewater treatment plant method, which is best for high concentrated domestic wastewater treatment, reclaimed water usage, and organic wastewater treatment. It is a type of up-to-date technology for wastewater treatment project. Industrial wastewater treatment and municipal sewage can take great benefit from membrane bioreactor and it is one of the perfect alternates for the secondary sedimentation tank. MBR process is regarded as the best process to increase organics degradation rate and nitrogen removal rate.

Advantages of Membrane Bioreactor China

Being the No.1 wastewater treatment plant methods, membrane bioreactor features trouble-free operation, modular design, and high automation. There are several advantages of using an MBR process, some of them are listed below:
It saves 50% occupying area as compared to a traditional system.
Its MLSS value is relatively high but less than 15g/L.
Its residual time is long for sludge, but less than 60 days.
Less sludge residue decreases the cost for the sludge treatment.
Low consumption of energy, low operational cost, and simple cleaning.

Application of Membrane Bioreactor 

Let’s have a look at the application of MBR membrane.
Sewage treatment plant.
Wastewater treatment plant.
Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, sanitariums.
Villages, towns, and home communities.
Troops, scenic spots, mines, and factories.
Harbors, airports, stations.

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