How hollow fiber membrane works

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  • Date:04/15/2019
Before knowing the procedure of the hollow fiber membrane, one must know basics of hollow fiber membrane so that he may be able to understand the procedure well. This is the cost-effective way of doing filtration. To do the filtration there are almost more than 125 products that are used. In this process, the level of the solid is maintained at a moderate level. There are many semi-permeable barriers that are used in the filtration membrane that together form a hollow fiber. The ratio of the surface-area-to-volume is relatively high in the hollow fiber membrane.
hollow fiber membrane

What are the advantages of hollow fiber membrane?

The flow rate of purity will be 99%. Through this method, a continuous supply of purified water can do.
Energy consumption will be low and hence, this is the best way to get purified water at a lower cost.
In this process, there will be less waste because there will be no gas that can go in the waste.

How hollow fiber membrane works?

In this process, the water molecules are passed through the through the little openings of the membrane. The membrane filter technique is as simple as someone can get the strands of HFM in his hand. In this method, the water that will act as a sample will be taken in the cup. And then pouring is done carefully. At one side, the water can get in the purified form in the bowl.
The part that will not pass through the membrane is called retentate. Another part will go to the membrane and will be considered as filtrate when it will pass through this process. Then the product is considered pure when the procedure will be followed. This process will work the same but there are also some complications that you should face. There may be a chance that generation of a required output will become difficult. 
You may face the following issues:
Throughput may become awkward
Energy optimization may be greater
Purification may not get to an extent

How the process of hollow fiber membrane takes place?

1.In the process of the hollow fiber membrane, small tubes have used that look like straws. These straws are known as fibers. 
2.There are millions of tiny holes that are in these straws. These holes play a vital role in pouring the water and get the purified form of water outside the tube. 
3.All the contaminants including bacteria will be removed in this process. This process is also the best to get rid to cysts and viruses from the water.
4.Then it will pass through the closed screen door.
5.0.2 microns is the size of the fiber membrane through which water will be passed to get purified water. This pore size is comparatively large and the benefit of having large pore is that the resistance to the flow of water will be less. This property will make it suitable to use in all types of applications.
This is the overall procedure that is used in hollow fiber membrane.

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