A Guide for Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane and MBR membrane module

  • Source: Watercode
  • Date:11/13/2018
Water code is a renowned sewage treatment plant supplier which is in the business for 15 years. We specialize in membrane filter technique which is purely based on research. Our team of professionals and technologies for wastewater for manufacturing membrane bioreactor, filter membrane, and UF membrane filter make them stand out from the rest of the companies. We also provide installation and design for the convenience of our customers. Water Code owns rights of UF membrane which includes reinforced Alloy PVC, PVDF and PS/PES with various structures and precision.
hollow fiber membrane

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

It is a method which is commonly used for ultrafiltration and uses an asymmetric membrane. The membranes have the ability to be backwashed which allows it to steadily maintain a high flux. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is advantageous in the sense that it is in a compact form with a huge area for membrane filtration. All the modules provided by Water Code are tested and passed through a number of quality checks so you don’t have to worry about anything. The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has the following advantages:
High tensile strength
Good anti-fouling properties
Resistant to chemical degrading
Low working pressure
High flux
Temperature tolerant for efficient membrane cleaning
The pore size is very fine
Efficiently removes all viruses and bacteria
The technology of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is an active way for purifying water with the help of a physical barrier filter which makes water pathogens free. The best part about this ultrafiltration is that chemicals are not used in this process. Natural materials like magnesium and calcium are not removed from the water. Billions of gallons of water are being purified every day with this process making society move towards a healthier tomorrow.

MBR membrane module

The MBR membrane module is a process which is a combination of membrane filtration and biological wastewater treatment. Environmental pollution s reduced by using microorganisms and bacteria. They use a biological treatment in which the activated sludge is parted from preserved water through a ultrafiltraction membrane. The MBR process includes an activated sludge system with suspended growth that integrates a microporous hollow fiber membrane  in modules for liquid or solid separation. The sheets are mounted in a vertical order in modules and are immersed in the activated sludge tank. Application of vacuum is done for permeating manifold which then draws water inside the hollow fiber membranes from the reactor side and then taken out from the system. The point that makes this module stand out is that secondary clarifies are not needed at all. 

Kings of our MBR systems

Vacuum (or gravity-driven): These structures are submerged and usually use flat sheet membrane or hollow fiber in membrane tank or bioreactors.

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