An Easy Guide to MBR Sewage Treatment

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  • Date:01/02/2019
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mbr system wastewater treatment

MBR sewage treatment

There are numerous technologies that are being used today. MBR sewage treatment is the most broadly acknowledged and used process for sewage treatment. The MBR sewage treatment is advanced wastewater treatment. It involves 2 technologies which are biological treatment and membrane filtration. It is a combination of the conventional biological process which consists of the activated sludge and the membrane filtration technology. The working principle of membrane bioreactor is about the resourceful combination of biological treatment and membrane technology. In the MBR sewage treatment, semi-permeable membranes that are two dimensional (micro and ultrafiltration) are immersed in ventilated biological reactors.
This degree of filtration permits the greater quality of sewage that can be drawn via the membrane.  It also supports the abolition of filtration and sedimentation processes that are normally used for wastewater treatment.  As the need for sedimentation no longer exists, the biological process can function more efficiently. Before the waste comes into the membrane tank a pre-treatment is done. This helps in protecting the membrane and extending its life by reducing the buildup of solid wastes.

Features of MBR sewage treatment

It results in smooth operation that does not consist of any interruptions.
It produces treated water of high caliber.
It is basically made for reducing the chemical utilization and costs. 
A separate clarifier, polishing unit, and settler are not required.
It is flexible as it can do above and underground.
It is environment-friendly.

Ultrafiltration membrane system

The Ultrafiltration Membrane System is a procedure of separation in which membranes having pore sizes from 0.1-0.001 micron are used. The UF membranes eliminate the following such as colloidal materials, high molecular-weight substances and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules. The UF membrane does not eradicate low molecular weight substances such as 
magnesium chloride 
Ultrafiltration is environmentally helpful as it is reliable. It makes sure that water is reaching plants, fish and other nature in order to supply them a healthy environment to live in. Ultrafiltration provides a source for water consumers to use reprocessed water. As contamination only harms the living things ultrafiltration is extremely important to provide safe water to them. It leads to a decrease in contamination and the technology of wastewater treatment plant. Reprocessed water is also energy efficient. When the water flows, more water is taken out and preserved in order to be conveyed this requires a lot of energy. 

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