The Top 4 Advantages of hollow fiber membrane filters

  • Source: Watercode
  • Date:01/05/2019
We at Water Code are hollow fiber filter manufacturers. We have specialized in studying and exploring the membrane filter technique which is for MBR system wastewater treatment as well as a package sewage treatment plant. We have been in the business for 15 years now. Our team consists of professional workers that are capable and skilled in their respective fields. Our wastewater treatment technology manufactures the following:
UF membrane filter
Membrane bioreactor
Hollow fiber membrane etc.
We take care of the design flow. Our products have longer lifespans, and we are the complete solution providers.
hollow filter membrane

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a system which is purely designed for producing purified and clean water from different water sources such as lakes, secondary effluent, sea water, rivers, and well water.  

Uses of Ultrafiltration filtrate

It is used for the following:
drinking water
utility water
reclaimed water
food and beverage production
pretreated source water for RO desalination systems

Applications for Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration membrane

Purification of groundwater, spring water and surface water for making process and drinking water.
It is used for treating wastewater.
Pretreatment in seawater purification plants in mixture with thermal treatment or reverse osmosis
Water to be used in industries for closing water cycles and a bunch of other applications. 

Advantages of the hollow fiber membrane filter

1. Reliability in challenging water types: As the hollow fibers serve as a sieve, straining out the contaminants physically, they are operative in clear and turbid water types. Other contaminants in the water do not hinder their ability for stopping the microbes. Differences in salts, color, pH levels, and temperature do not impede its effectiveness. 
2. Lightweight yet fast: The surface area-to-weight proportion is unmatched. The more surface area the faster the flow rate will be. It also indicates that the filter will have a longer lifespan providing you the opportunity to filter extra water before you have to clean the filter for regaining the rate of flow.
3. In-field safety check: When any one of the fiber breaks, it cannot be identified. But if you pick the right fiber, the filter manufacturer can make sure that there is a built-in system for safety checking. Water Code chooses the right fibers. You can perform an in-field test that will show you if air is passing. This would indicate that there is damage. You can trust our company with this as we test our products thoroughly.
4. Obvious end-of-life indicator: The hollow fibers indicate when their life is at an end – a good, built-in measure of safety. When the filter becomes too encumbered with microbes and debris to pass water and even backflushing is not restoring its flow, the filter will become clogged and will stop working. A filter that utilizes the adsorption technology does not indicate when it does not have the ability to work anymore. 
Trust us for your water filtration and we will provide you the best. 

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