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Why choose sewage treatment plant supplier - Watercode?

WATER CODE MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a sewage treatment plant supplier which specializes in researching membrane filter technique for mbr system wastewater treatment and package sewage treatment plant for over 15 years. We have a professional team and mature wastewater treatment technologies to manufacture uf membrane filter, membrane bioreactor, and hollow fiber membrane,etc.

Fine Poresize

Turbidity close Zero

High breaking

No fiber broken
high anti-peeling

Design flow


Long lifespan

for 5-8years

Compact System
Small Footprint

Complete Solution


MBR Cassette With Mbr Technology For Sewage Treatment

Wastewater membrane filtration MBR membrane

Sewage Treatment Plant Supplier For MBR WWTP

Package MBR WWTP Of Water Filter Membrane Manufacturer

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membranes Package UF Plant

Filtration Membrane Home Filter

Ultrafiltration Membranes Package UF system

UF Filter - Ultra Filtration System

Portable Filter Gravity Filter Bag

Survival filter Straw For Outdoor Use

Water Filter Bottle With Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology

Gravity Filter Pot For Home Use

MBR System Wastewater Treatment

Standard MBR System For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

SCADA MBR System 02




WATER CODE MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been specializing in Research & Development, Manufacture and applications of Ultra-filtration(UF) hollow fiber membrane technology for water & waste water technology design & guidance,water & wastewater solutions, after sale services etc.

Base on technology advantages of R & D, WaterCode have been being one-up level in formula of UF material, production technology and membrane applications etc. We owned patents of Uf membrane includes reinforced PVDF, PVDF, Alloy-PVC, PAN and PS/PES with different filter precision & structures.

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Typical case of MBR system wastewater treatment

As a best sewage treatment plant supplier in China, Watercode is an expert in MBR system and membrane filter technique. Here are some MBR and UF sewage treatment typical cases such as MBR wastewater polishing projects, gravity filtration, industries wastewater and sewage treatment for the package sewage treatment plant.

Package MBR STP in Dubai

Package 1000T/D sewage treatment plant for labour...

MBR System for Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater treatment with membrane te...

Ultrafiltration technology for wastewater polishing

Wastewater polishing projects with UF membrane ...

Gravity Filtration

Gravity filtration products is working without pum...

News from sewage treatment plant supplier

Watercode is a sewage treatment plant supplier of mbr system wastewater treatment, we will publish some latest news about uf membrane filter, membrane bioreactor, and filter membrane. Welcome to attain more information.

Reasons to Install Package Sewage Treatment Plant

The package sewage treatment plant is best known for cleaning the water. The package wastewater treatment plant suppliers are working on a big platform. The basic aim of these sewage treatment plant suppliers is to purify the municipal water and other industrial wastage in to purify water.

How Does Hollow Fiber Membrane Work?

It is a hollow fibre filtration mechanism that is engineered to maximize numerous long and permeable filaments varying from 1 to 3.5 mm wide and they are preserved in a PVC shell.

Benefits of the biological sewage treatment plant

The biological sewage treatment plant is a famous practice that is used universally. This process involves restraining naturally happening bacteria in tanks at a very high meditation. Then from here this bacteria along with some microorganism and other microbes are treated in an aerobic and anaerobic process.

What are the benefits of using a membrane filtration technology?

Before knowing the benefits of using membrane filtration technology, you should know the basics of membrane filtration technology. In this process, some natural processes are used to treat water and hence, the acceptable quality of water is gathered through this process.

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We provide customers with quality products such as MBR,filtration membrane, UF membrane filter,etc. with MBR system wastewater treatment technology for water & waste water environment.


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