Water Filter Bottle - Gravity Ultrafiltration
Water Filter Bottle
Water Filter Bottle - Gravity Ultrafiltration
Water Filter Bottle

Water Filter Bottle - filter bottle with ultrafiltration membrane technology by squeezing or sucking

Product Specification:
  • Working way :

    Gravitiy Ultrafiltration

  • Poresize :


  • Volume :


  • Filter material :


  • Filter lifespan :

    1000L before cleaning

  • Recovery way :

    NaClO cleaning

Water Filter Bottle 

WaterCode have improved hollow fiber membrane technology with lower gravity working pressure and fine poresize.  the poresize @ 0.1 & 0.02um 100% ensure no bacteria would get through membrane wall. Moreover,a stronger membrane structure can withstand backwash pressure which allows the filter to be cleaning and reused.

Gravity working

Our patented membrane is only required a lowest trans-membrane-pressure, even can work even at water height 2mm gravity, it is permanentyly hydrophilic allow largest flow at the lowest pressuur, so that no any electricity consumption, suitable for rural remote area and outdoor

Simply operation & maintenance

a simple replacment or maintenance ensure your longterm usage of cleaning water.  you can backwash the filter with water or sodium hypechloride etc.

   MODEL    HK-B500,   HK-B800,  HK-B51000,
   Color    Blue/red/white.... any customerized colors
   Volume    500mL,  800mL,  1000 L
   Filter Type    Ultrafiltration membrane filter
   Working Type

   Squeezing or Sucking   & backwash allowed

   Recommend lifespan    1000L consumption before cleaning

   Backwash / NaClO cleaning / new cartridge replacement

   Filter storage period    5-10years(dry)

NOTE: Customerized design is preferred too.

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