Standard MBR System - MBR System
Standard MBR System - MBR System
Standard MBR System

SIEMENS PLC+PC-HMI+SCADA+SMS alarm automatic control system

Product Specification:
  • PLC Brand :


  • HMI Brand :


  • HMI-PC :

    Integrated industrial computer, WINDOWS

  • Electronics :


  • SMS Module :


  • Wiring Standard :

    as per any standards in your country

WATERCODE's PLC program include all automatic control consequence for water and wastewater, I/O monitoring, interlock&protection, supervisory control and data acquisition, data display and stroage, communication and remote,remote SMS alarm system....

SIEMENS PLC+HMI for standard control

SIEMENS PLC+PC(windows) for SCADA control

SMS remote alarm module

Electronic parts can be use CHINT, DELIXI, ABB, SCHNEIDER, OMRON, MITSUBISHI....

Stable continuous control,logistic control..

Communication with third payty equipment like smart phone, remote computer etc.

Data acquisition,calculation, analysis,trends,chart etc for typical parameters such as pH,flowrate,pressure, free chlorine, turbidity, DO, MLSS,COD,BOD,N,P etc.

Wiring standard as per the required standard in your country, like National standard, Australian Standard, European stanard(Italy, France, Germany, UK...), US standard..

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MBR System (membrane bioreactors system)
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